D & C a.k.a cuci

selama ni aku tahu aku gugur dan telah D &C. Masa doktor nak buat D & C pun x explain apa lah maksud dan cuma bagitahu kena cuci sebab ada yang tertinggal atau lebih specific incomplete abortion, keguguran tidak lengkap. Walaupun da lama n nak abis pantang baru nak dapat info atleast aku nak buat rujukan utk masa hadapan. Sebenarnya mula ambil berat sebab da sebulan berpantang tapi rahim aku masih belum kecut dan bengkak lagi. Mulai hari ini aku nak buat research naper aku tak baik lagi dan kenapa kali ini tempoh pantang aku terasa panjang dan masih keadaan tidak 100% sihat. Nak tahu mengapa kena la tahu puncanya... aku nak letak info pasal D&C

What a D&C Is:
A D&C, or dilation and curettage, is a surgical operation in which a doctor dilates your cervix and empties your uterus by gently scraping the uterine lining.
Although D&C is used as a general term for surgical treatment of a miscarriage, in the first trimester the procedure is usually a D&C .A (dilation and aspiration), meaning the doctor uses a "suction curette" rather than a sharp curette to empty the uterus.

Why a D&C Is Used for Miscarriage Treatment:
Sometimes a D&C is medically necessary. If a woman has unusually heavy bleeding as a miscarriage complication, a D&C can even be lifesaving because it stops the bleeding at the source.
In other cases, a D&C might be used if the doctor feels the miscarriage is unlikely to complete without intervention. In still other cases, some women request a D&C because they prefer to get the miscarriage over with rather than waiting for it to begin naturally.
Benefits of D&C
Women who have D&C have lower rates of unplanned hospital admissions than women who have miscarriages with medical intervention or no intervention. Psychologically, a D&C can also have benefits in that it ends the physical part of the miscarriage much more quickly. A D&C may also make it easier to collect a usable tissue sample for couples who want to pursue chromosomal testing on the baby.

Risks of D&C:
A D&C carries a small risk of complications such as puncturing the uterus, weakening the cervix (increasing the risk of later cervical insufficiency), and of scarring in the uterus. These complications are rare but can occasionally occur. Reactions to anesthesia medications are another minor risk.

Agaknya kerana proses korek itu membuatkan rahim saya masih bengkak dan ia telah melambatkan proses mengecutkan rahim.

Recovering and Coping after D&C
Physical recovery should be relatively swift. Most women can go back to work after a day or two. The doctor can prescribe pain medication as needed for recovery. You may have vaginal bleeding and cramping for a few days, but it should not be severe or heavy. Contact a doctor if you have heavy bleeding or severe cramping, or if you have symptoms of infection. Your doctor will probably advise avoiding tampons and sexual intercourse for one to two weeks.
Most women will resume a normal menstrual period within six to eight weeks after a D&C, depending on how far along the pregnancy was when the miscarriage happened. Your doctor may advise waiting one to two menstrual cycles to begin trying to get pregnant.

**** saya habis nifas selepas seminggu dan  peyed genap sebulan (3minggu selepas habis nifas)

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